Led Masque

LED lights are safe to use within the cosmetic industry and offer a therapeutic result. The healing power of light was discovered with the investigation of LED lights. Medical centers around the world make use of light to improve various skin concerns. LED Masque assists to improve a variety of concerns based on 7 different colored lights

LED light therapy is a painless relaxing, noninvasive skincare treatment that has multiple benefits particularly stimulating collagen and treating mild to moderate acne at Rejuva Spa where clients want results, not just pampering skin care treatments.

Well, light, in its various guises, penetrates the skin and stimulates mechanisms that can help to eliminate bacteria, plump-out lines, and deliver results that are seriously noticeable. LED light is not as potent as a laser and the results take months rather than weeks to surface, but there’s none of the scarring or downtime that can come from the more aggressive treatments. A handful of sessions will take your skin to infinity and beyond.

How does LED Masque work

In Contrast to thermal Laser, there is an exciting new technology of nonthermal, nonablative cellular photomodulation. Unlike other laser/light-based procedures that rely on heat and thermal injury to improve the skin’s appearance, LED trigger a photochemical response.

The process involves using low-level light energy to modulate or activate cellular metabolism. LED devices are designed to include panels of tiny diodes that are pulsed at an exclusive array sequence. LED photo modulation can suppress collagenase, a collagen degrading enzyme that can accelerate our skin’s aging process. LED can also stimulate healing and decrease the inflammatory response. LED devices adjunct treatment for improving the signs of aging and bolstering collagen production.

LED Masque Colours and their related functions

RED: Anti-Ageing GREEN: Even Skin Tone BLUE: Anti-Acne YELLOW: Revitalising LIGHT BLUE: Energising PURPLE: Cellular Repair WHITE: Skin Booster

Treatment selection

● Single-Use Suggested Courses Available: Hyperpigmentation and aging;

● 8-12 sessions

● For best results, this protocol can be performed three times a week Acne/breakouts

● 16 sessions

● For best results, this protocol can be performed twice a week Skin Rejuvenation

● 16 sessions

● For best results, this protocol can be performed twice a week Sensitivity and Inflammation

● 8-10 sessions

● For best results, this protocol can be performed once a week


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